#blogarch response: Why Blog? (or GLOG?)

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I blog (or rather Glog now–vlog and blog through Google Glass) for archaeology because it is the quickest and most amazing way to connect what you care about most to who and what matters most–people! I was lucky enough to the first anthropologist and archaeologist chosen by Google to test this new tech in their  #GoogleExplorer #GlassExplorer program. Beyond that aspect alone–to disseminate new ways of rapidly sharing meaningful content with the public–I’m focusing on ways to remain “ethically proactive” as I attempt to stream and document projects with as close to 100% digital coverage as possible, but a dialog must begin…so what better way to do that than through a blog/glog?! 

I’m really looking forward to #SAA2014’s Blogging in Archaeology Session.


One thought on “#blogarch response: Why Blog? (or GLOG?)

    […] Anthropology #Through Glass tells us what a GLOG is and how he tries to find ways to remain “ethically proactive” . Don’t know what a GLOG is? Check it out. […]

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